James & Wing Beans

James was a semi-professional golfer in North Carolina, attending school for PGA Management. According to his father, it was something that he was born to do. 

But in 2013, when James's father left for Korea for his business, he decided to follow his own dreams and to become a coffee expert. His parents denied to support him financially because he quit what they wanted him to be, but that didn't stop him. He worked with a minimum wage for months to study coffee, but finding fresh, quality coffee was always the biggest challenge. That's when James bought 60 kg of green beans and a sample roaster to start roasting his own coffee.

After months, and more than 500 roasts, James was roasting the best coffee in the area. His friends and family started asking him if they can buy his coffee, and after some time of serving his family, friends, and his church, he finally decided to get a bigger roaster and establish Wing Beans Coffee Company, now known as Wing Beans Coffee & Tea.

So why "Wing" Beans? Because James believes his coffee has wings that allows high quality and the swift processing for maximum flavor and freshness, and to support to people who are in needs of hope. Join the Coffee High!