Organic Colombia Satander Coffee- Why It's Worth it!

Colombian Coffee is from La Pradera Estate, Satander and it's great coffee for a great cause. Why? It's not only organic, but it's Rainforest Alliance approved, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly, and stamped with Fair Trade. Amazing, no?

So what does this mean? 

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is an organization that supports environmental, social, and economic sustainability. In other words,  products with this certified seal are grown and harvested on farms and forests that follow sustainable practice. They can achieve this by focusing on agriculture, forestry, and tourism.


They teach the best methods to small farmers and communities on farming techniques that meets the standards of sustainable agriculture. This includes:

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Improved livelihoods and human well-being
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Effective planning and farm management systems

You can read more information here that explains for forestry and economics. 


Smithsonian Bird-Friendly

The bird-friendly seal of approval coffee means that these coffee beans were grown specifically under a canopy of trees that does not interfere with the wildlife and it's habitat. 



Three-quarters of the world's coffee farms destroy forest habitat to grow coffee in the sun and typically use harmful pesticides and fertilizers that poison the environment. This directly affects migratory song birds and other wildlife. Therefore, this organization helps prevent forests from being wiped out into farmlands so there is a habitat provided for songbirds, insect biodiversity, and other wildlife. 

This not only helps the environment but the farmers as well as they can earn more for their crops. The farmers also do not use pesticides or herbicides - so it is organic! 

Where does our Colombian Coffee from?




La Pradera is an estate with large plantations of single-origin coffee in the department of Santander. The estate is family owned and managed by producer Oscar Daza. This estate has been the main source of income for Oscar and his family for many years. Oscar works along with his wife and their two children. They experiment with different varietals and they plan on improving the quality of their coffee even more in the years to come.