Guide to GREAT Cold Brew Coffee


Summer is GREAT, but sometimes hot coffee in scorching days seem... impossible.

Let's talk about brewing great cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew - coffee brewed with cold water instead of hot water. Brewed with reverse osmosis method throughout 12~16 hours.

It is smoother, stronger, and more flavorful.

To brew a delicious cold brew, you would need:

  • 1 oz coarsely ground coffee
  • 10 oz cold ~ room temperature water
  • French press
  • 1 teaspoon of raw brown sugar
  1.  Put the ground coffee in the french press
  2.  Pour water over the ground coffee, stir for even extraction
  3.  Add the brown sugar
  4.  Cover the mixture and leave it in room temperature for 12~16 hours
  5.  Dilute if too strong, otherwise ENJOY!

We recommend David's Blend for bold coffee flavor
and Jane's Blend for smooth fruity flavor.


Now you can enjoy the summer to its FULLEST!


Happy Summer!

- Wing Beans Team -